Westview, Florida — Voting History

Presidential Voting History

Below you'll find the most recent presidential election results for Miami-Dade County, Florida, broken down by party. Any votes not recorded for a the Democratic or Republican candidate are lumped together as "Other".

Miami-Dade County - 2000
Miami-Dade County - 2004
Candidate Votes Percent
George W. Bush (Republican)361,09546.61%
John Kerry (Democrat)409,73252.89%
Other Candidate(s)3,8990.5%
Total Votes774,726100%
Miami-Dade County - 2008
Candidate Votes Percent
Barack Obama (Democrat)491,19558.08%
John McCain (Republican)351,46241.56%
Other Candidate(s)3,0040.36%
Total Votes845,661100%
Miami-Dade County - 2012
Candidate Votes Percent
Barack Obama (Democrat)540,77661.64%
Mitt Romney (Republican)332,60237.91%
Other Candidate(s)3,8670.44%
Total Votes877,245100%
Miami-Dade County - 2016
Candidate Votes Percent
Donald Trump (Republican)333,66634.09%
Hillary Clinton (Democrat)623,00663.66%
Other Candidate(s)21,9982.25%
Total Votes978,670100%