Taylor, Arizona — Doctors and Hospitals

Doctors and Dentists in Navajo County

Population per Care Provider
Ratio of people per care provider. Source: County Health Rankings (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
Compared to State and National
Providers Arizona United States
Doctors 2,386.0 -623 2,555.0 -792
Dentists 2,683.0 -884 3,547.0 -1748

Hospitals Near Taylor, Arizona

Nearest Hospitals by Distance
# Hospital Distance
1.Josephine Goldwater Hospital (historical)15.5 mi.
2.Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center18.6 mi.
3.Holbrook Hospital (historical)30.9 mi.
4.Cibecue Health Center White River Service Unit36.4 mi.
5.Public Health Services Indian Hospital Whiteriver Service Unit41.3 mi.
Hospital Locations