Simpsonville, Kentucky — Doctors and Hospitals

Doctors and Dentists in Shelby County

Population per Care Provider
Ratio of people per care provider. Source: County Health Rankings (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
Compared to State and National
Providers Kentucky United States
Doctors 3,494.0 -1267 2,555.0 -328
Dentists 4,194.0 -1605 3,547.0 -958

Hospitals Near Simpsonville, Kentucky

Nearest Hospitals by Distance
# Hospital Distance
1.Jewish Hospital6.5 mi.
2.Pewee Valley Sanitarium9.2 mi.
3.Central State Hospital11.5 mi.
4.Tri County Baptist Hospital12 mi.
5.Shady Grove Sanitarium13.1 mi.
6.Ten Broeck Hospital13.3 mi.
7.Norton Immediate Care Center13.5 mi.
8.Norton Intermediate Health Care Center14.2 mi.
9.East End Health South Surgicenter of Louisiville15 mi.
10.Norton Suburban Hospital15.1 mi.
Hospital Locations