Sandgate, Vermont — Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants Near Sandgate, Vermont

Nearest Sewage Treatment Plants by Distance
# Sewage Treatment Plant Distance
1.Hoosick Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant18.2 mi.
2.Hudson Falls Sewage Disposal Plant22.2 mi.
3.Glens Falls City Wastewater Treatment Plant24.1 mi.
4.Valley Falls Village Wastewater Treatment Facility25.1 mi.
5.Lake George Village Wastewater Treatment Plant31.8 mi.
6.Waterford Wastewater Treatment Plant34.9 mi.
7.City of Watervliet Sewage Treatment Plant39.7 mi.
8.Rensselaer County Sewer District 1 Wastewater Treatment Plant41.3 mi.
9.City of Schenectady Sewage Treatment Plant42.1 mi.
10.Albany-Schenectady Road Sewage Disposal Plant (historical)43.7 mi.
Sewage Treatment Plant Locations