Pavillion, Wyoming — Doctors and Hospitals

Doctors and Dentists in Fremont County

Population per Care Provider
Ratio of people per care provider. Source: County Health Rankings (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)
Compared to State and National
Providers Wyoming United States
Doctors 1,821.0 -522 2,555.0 -1256
Dentists 2,675.0 -806 3,547.0 -1678

Hospitals Near Pavillion, Wyoming

Nearest Hospitals by Distance
# Hospital Distance
1.Morning Star Manor Hospital19.1 mi.
2.Riverton Memorial Hospital19.9 mi.
3.Homestead Living Hospital21.8 mi.
4.Showboat Retirement Center28.5 mi.
5.Westward Heights Nursing Home28.5 mi.
6.Lander Regional Hospital29.4 mi.
7.Canyon Hills Manor Hospital36.7 mi.
8.Hot Springs County Memorial Hospital37.2 mi.
Hospital Locations