Dover, Pennsylvania — Airports

Airports Near Dover, Pennsylvania

Nearest Airports by Distance
# Airport Distance
1.Baney's Airport2 mi.
2.Lazy B Ranch Airport2.6 mi.
3.Level Acres Farm Airport4.5 mi.
4.York Airport5.8 mi.
5.Hostetter Airport5.9 mi.
6.Gilbert Airport6.6 mi.
7.Circle W Airfield7 mi.
8.Kampel Airport7.1 mi.
9.George and Rand Airport7.3 mi.
10.Shreveport North Airport7.9 mi.
11.Bermudian Valley Airpark8.2 mi.
12.B and B Airport9.7 mi.
13.Mathna Airport10.2 mi.
14.Vogelsong Airport10.8 mi.
15.Kelsey Landing Strip10.8 mi.
16.Schulteis Field Airport11.8 mi.
17.Three Mile Island Number Two Airport11.9 mi.
18.Devener Airport13.4 mi.
19.Market Garden Airport13.6 mi.
20.Crumling Airport13.9 mi.
21.Harrisburg International Airport14 mi.
22.Warners Airport14.6 mi.
23.Capital City Airport15.1 mi.
24.Donegal Springs Airpark15.7 mi.
25.Hanover Airport17.1 mi.
26.D Evans Farm Airport17.7 mi.
27.Ecko Field Airport17.9 mi.
28.Shoestring Aviation Airfield18 mi.
29.State Police Area Three Airport18 mi.
30.Hilltop Airport18.6 mi.
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