Cayuse, Oregon — Behavioral Patterns

Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Use

Percentage of the total adult population in Umatilla County, Oregon that reported themselves either as a smoker, as a "heavy" drinker or someone who has recently used illicit drugs. Sources: CDC Community Health Status Indicators Report (drug use) and RWJ County Health Rankings (alcohol and tobacco use).

Percentage of the Population
Compared to State and National
Substance Oregon United States
Alcohol 15.7% -1.7% 14.6% -0.6%
Tobacco 18.1% +3.9% 20.5% +1.5%
Drugs 7.5% -0.1% 5.6% +1.8%

Teen Pregnancy

Teen birth rate (per 1,000 females ages 15-19) in Umatilla County, Oregon. Source: County Health Rankings (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

Teen Birth Rate
Compared to State and National
Group Oregon United States
Females 15-19 36.4 +19.6 45.8 +10.2

Physical Inactivity

A person is considered physically inactive if during the past month, other than a regular job, he or she did not participate in any physical activities or exercises such as running, calisthenics, golf, gardening, or walking for exercise. Source: National Diabetes Surveillance System (CDC)

Physically Inactive
Compared to State and National
Oregon United States
Physically Inactive 18.9% +5.3% 28.0% -3.8%

Preventive Care

Percentage of relevant populations who avail themselves of age- and sex-appropriate preventive care measures. Source: CDC: The Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS)

Compared to State and National
Procedure Oregon United States
Pap Smear 76.7% -1.3% 82.0% -6.6%
Mammogram 81.2% -2.2% 80.0% -1%
Colonoscopy 45.4% -4.5% 43.1% -2.2%
Pneumonia Vaccine 70.5% +5.4% 65.5% +10.4%
Flu Vaccine 70.7% -6.9% 69.4% -5.6%