Big Sandy, West Virginia — Vehicle Ownership

Vehicle Ownership

The following data sample includes all workers aged 16 and older in Big Sandy, West Virginia. Data shows the number of passenger cars, vans, and pickup or panel trucks of one-ton capacity or less kept at home and available for the use of household members. Sourced from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey.

Compared to State and National
  West Virginia United States
No Vehicles 4.0% N/A 5.4% N/A
1 Vehicle 25.3% N/A 23.8% N/A
2 Vehicles 44.8% +55.2% 42.2% +57.8%
3 Vehicles 18.3% N/A 18.9% N/A
4 Vehicles 6.0% N/A 6.9% N/A
5+ Vehicles 1.6% N/A 2.8% N/A